Kevin MacNutt was born in Pennsylvania but has lived in Virginia since he was four years old. Using his father's Argus C3 35mm camera, he began developing his interest in photography at age ten. Not surprisingly, his technical skills grew and a fascination with form and composition followed. Kevin earned his degree in Art History and Photography from James Madison University, and continues to enjoy street photography, portraiture, architecture, interior design and the work of Frank Lloyd Wright and the Bauhaus school. For almost three years he and Henry Browne trekked over hill and dale in all sorts of weather in search of the kilns and forges, mills, residences, slave quarters, bridges, train stations, canals and locks, and early industrial sites that comprise the images in this book. He has captured the mystique and beauty of these exceptional and captivating Virginia ruins in a way that both enlightens and enthralls the reader, and makes him want to search for more.  

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